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Climate Outlook Resource for Global Insight (CORGI)

  • Category: Weather Intelligence
  • Primary Use: Determining weather impacts 2 weeks to 1 year
  • Developers: Clear Science, Inc.
  • Start Date: 1 Feb, 2008
  • Technology Sponsor: Department of Defense (Office of Naval Research)

Project Description

Meet CORGI, that's the Climate Outlook Resource for Global Insight. CORGI tracks the state of the climate and uses state of the science analysis to predict weather months in the future. CORGI is based on a dozen years of DOD research and employs a sophisticated approach to predictive weather intelligence and now this technology is available to business. The U.S. Department of Defense realized long ago there is a strategic and tactical advantage to be gained with foreknowledge of weather and oceanographic conditions. While needs varied, it became clear that there was a need to predict environmental conditions months, or a year or more into the future. This required using historical data to derive traditional 30-year averages, and this was the favored method to predict future conditions until 2008.

The Navy and Clear Science developed the Advance Climate Analysis and Forecast System or ACAF in 2008 which allowed a smarter way to analyze conditions. For the first time, historical data was made available to compute probabilities and statistics, and analyze massive amounts of data without writing custom scripts. Clear Science developed ways to make useful analysis available for predicting the future or forensic analysis in seconds where it once took days or weeks. Since the early days of the ACAF, the DOD has continually invested in more advanced capability and the demand for the information it produces has steadily grown as folks learn its many uses for forecasting, planning and decision-making. Clear Science is now pleased to bring the tried and tested power of the ACAF to the marketplace as CORGI.

Need API Access to Weather Intelligence?

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