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Clear Science, Inc. has released a Python library for selecting climate index values for multiple climate oscillation indices for specific months and years. Output is packaged into easy-to-reference standard python dictionary format.

Climate Indices include:

  • The Pacific Decadal Oscillation Index (PDO)
  • The Arctic Oscillation Index (AO)
  • The Indian Ocean Dipole Index (IOD)
  • The Multivariate ENSO Index (MEI)
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Clear Science, Inc. (CSI) is an R&D firm located in Keystone Heights, FL that specializes in Climate, long-range forecasting, Meteorology, Oceanography.  CSI was founded in 2003.

Core Competencies


Since 2008, CSI has developed the Navy’s Enterprise climate analysis and forecasting platform (Advance Climate Analysis and Forecasting — or ACAF system) assisting our DOD Forces in gaining a strategic and tactical advantage with superior knowledge of the climate and environment.

Long Range Forecasting

Clear Science, Inc. is pioneering the use of newly-available long-range forecasting tools through innovative research.

Meteorology and Oceanography

Clear Science is proud to contribute to the state of the science in a myriad of ways ranging from researching global teleconnections, to small regional scale climate studies, to global correlations of events in time and space.

Data Handling and Visualization

Understanding the complexities of scientific data, along with its structure, volume and availability plays a key role in moving the state of the science forward.

Geospatial Information Support

CSI has undertaken projects that support solving complex and unique geospatial challenges.

Educational Support

CSI has undertaken projects that support education, training and workforce shaping.


Sample Projects

ACAF – Decision Support System

ACAF – Decision Support System

As part of the DOD's Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program, Clear Science, Inc. was awarded a contract to advance climate and long-range forecasting science.

Advanced Climate Analysis and Forecasting (ACAF) System

Advanced Climate Analysis and Forecasting (ACAF) System

Since 2008, Clear Science, Inc. has been the lead developer for the Advanced Climate Analysis and Forecasting (ACAF) System, the Navy's enterprise climate analysis tool.



Drift-SAR is the Navy's primary at-sea search and rescue tool employing state of the science algorithms with current and predicted winds and seas information. Project performed in conjunction with General Dynamic Information Technology.

Now Seeking New Talent!

Clear Science Inc. is always searching for new talent. To inquire about joining our team, please contact us using the information below.


Do not hesitate to contact us for questions, or a discussion about how our efforts can help your organization.

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Keystone Heights, FL 32656